CARION Nielsen’s Footsteps – “The best wind quintet in years!“

00 porta CD Aki def foto+traccia copiaThe musicians of the ensemble CARION know how to surprise! The current CD by the exceptional woodwind quintet has recently been praised by the critics of„All marvellous – the best wind quintet disc in years.“ On iTunes the album ranks among the best classical releases in 2015. Besides the recording of Nielsen’s woodwind quintet CARION presents three previously unpublished discoveries from the Danish music library. Looking at the track list the album comprises pieces by Kai Helmer Senstius, Jens Laursøn Emborg and Svend Simon Schultz which make it an absolute rarity. The real highlight is the interpretation of the Nielsen quintet „There’s a warmth and ease to their playing; it’s as if you’re eavesdropping on private conversations in the quieter moments. Nielsen’s spiky clarinet writing is brilliantly served by Egīls Šēfers, and Niels Anders Vedsten Larsen’s bassoon playing is impeccable.“ However CARION is not only an experience for the ear but especially for the eye. On stage the quintet makes visible the architecture of the compositions and therefore creates a fascinating interaction between the members of the ensemble and the audience. Click here for CARION’s YouTube channel – it’s worth it!