amarcord – Jörg Widmann


In the year that marks both the 25th anniversary of amarcord and the 275th anniversary of the – somewhat more advanced – Gewandhaus Orchestra, successful Munich-based composer Jörg Widmann has written a joint birthday serenade for the two outstanding Leipzig-based ensembles: „Kinderreime und Nonsensverse“ (nursery rhymes and nonsense lines). This work, in which the humorous often merges into the deadly earnest, was presented in the Gewandhaus in Leipzig in April 2018.
„Widmann’s composition is literally tailor-made for the Amarcord ensemble. And since Wolfram Lattke, Robert Pohler, Frank Ozimek, Daniel Knauft and Holger Krause can sing anything that five men can sing, they can do that as well. (…) Every syllable, every facial expression, every gesture of the fabulous five fits like a glove, everything is merged into a comedian universe – to which the Gewandhaus Orchestra under the direction of Michal Nesterowicz makes a decisive contribution.“ (LVZ)