amarcord – new Schütz recording

CD – Von den letzten DingenThe new CD „Von den letzten Dingen“ of amarcord together with the Cappella Sagittariana Dresden has just been released.
The record presents a representative choice of baroque funereal musics from Central Germany. It contains amongst others the CD-world premiere of a marvellous Penitential Psalm, composed around 1700 (anonymus). Furthermore the record contains pieces of Heinrich Schütz, Johann Rosenmüller, Johann Hermann Schein and Michael Praetorius who all were connected to the artistic-fertile Central Germany.

amarcord can be heard live with a Schütz programme on the 22nd of October in Dresden and on both next days in Weissenfels, prsented by the „Heinrich Schütz Musikfest“. On the 29th of October another concert follows at Kassel within the festival „Kasseler Musiktage“.