Seconda Prat!ca


Seconda Prat!ca © Bertrand PicheneSeconda Prat!ca intends to transform the musical heritage of Western cultures back into a shared experience and intensify the relationship between artists and audience. The musicians pursue this holistic approach by acting simultaneously on stage, in the media and in research – and of course by the excellent quality of their music. Nearly four centuries of music (from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, including surviving oral tradition) will be presented in their concert programs. Beyond the performance of composers or special genres, Seconda Prat!ca wants to bring this music back to its context, give it a modern voice, and reawaken cultural memories with the audience.
The artistic direction of Seconda Prat!ca is in the hands of the two founding members Nuno Atalaia and Jonatan Alvarado. Their main objective is to combine the best qualities of each member into a constructive and creative interaction.
Nuno Atalaia is responsible for the conceptual and artistic coordination of the projects as well as their contents.
Jonatan Alvarado’s career is marked by his passion for classical music as well as for folklore – and for their possible connections. He is responsible for musical research and repertoire matters. He also directs the members of the ensemble into a combination of oral tradition with classical Western performance practice.